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Rosalie Rendu Center ESL and Family Programs

The Rosalie Rendu Center empowers families in East Palo Alto by providing English as a Second Language (ESL) classes and family cultural and enrichment activities for working adults and parents year round.

By offering services uniquely tailored to the community it serves, the Rosalie Rendu Center is a safe, welcoming environment where adults and children can learn, socialize, and enjoy the greater Bay Area culture.


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All community members are welcome to attend our free ESL and life skills classes at the Rosalie Rendu Center.

For more information or to sign up, please call us at 650-473-9522. Spanish speakers are available.

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Rosalie Rendu Center capacita a las familias de East Palo Alto ofreciendo cursos de Inglés como Segundo Idioma (ESL) para adultos que trabajan y padres de familia durante todo el año. A traves de servicios diseñados exclusivamente para la comunidad a la que sirve, Rosalie Rendu Center provee un ambiente seguro y acogedor donde adultos y niños pueden aprender, alternar con otros miembros de la comunidad, y disfrutar de la cultura de la Area de la Bahía.

Nuestros Programas:

Todos los miembros de la comunidad están invitados a asistir a nuestros cursos gratuitos de ESL y de preparación para la vida cotidiana en Rosalie Rendu Center. Para obtener más información o para inscribirse, por favor llámenos al 650-473-9522. Hispanoparlantes están disponibles.

The Rosalie Rendu Center, a non-profit sponsored by the Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul, is proud to be serving the East Palo Alto Community for over 20 years.

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Sister T’s Corner

StreetCode Academy Partners with Rosalie Rendu Center to Provide Laptops for Students

Another outstanding strategic partnership that the Rosalie Rendu Center has formed throughout the years — StreetCode Academy, in this case — has provided a critical dimension to empower our students to thrive. In the early COVID-19 days, our ESL students made do and attended virtual classes on their cell phones. This fall they were able to ramp up and improve…

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