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Family Cultural and Educational Enrichment

Our Family Cultural and Educational Enrichment Program provides fun and educational events for the whole family. Throughout the year, we plan outings and get-togethers that give our students and their families a chance to deepen their cultural and linguistic skills, make friends and build the confidence they need to advocate for themselves.

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The program includes three main types of events:

Family Field Trips

These engaging trips give our ESL students and their families safe, hands-on opportunities to practice English, explore local resources and take part in American culture. The Bay Area is packed with exciting places to visit. So far we’ve gone to The Exploratorium, Hidden Villa Farm, The Tech Interactive Museum, Hiller Aviation Museum, local zoos and more.

During a family field trip to the Seymour Marine Discovery Center at UC Santa Cruz, the group met marine animals face-to-face and learned about oceans. The children stood in awe of Ms. Blue, an 87-foot blue whale skeleton. Before heading home, we visited Natural Bridges State Beach to enjoy an afternoon in the sun.

Our families find community and joy during these trips, especially when fathers who can’t often take time away from work join us for a fun day with their families.

Educational Summer Camps

From an early age, we start children on the path to college by helping them attend STEAM-related summer camps to deepen their talents and interests. When eight-year-old Valeria attended an art-focused summer camp, it caused a ripple effect that will impact her education for years to come. She strengthened her artistic talents, grew her confidence and met creative new friends. When school started, Valeria’s mother felt comfortable talking to her daughter’s new teacher for the first time. A brief chat about Valeria’s interest in art began a partnership between parent, teacher and student.

Because many of our families encounter barriers getting their children into summer camps, we guide them through the whole process, offering financial support or transportation if needed. Along the way, parents learn how to encourage curiosity in their children, how to set and achieve college-focused educational goals and how to navigate multi-step online registration websites in English.

Community Events

We are dedicated to bringing families together for community and fun. We organize social events throughout the year so our families can make friends, practice their English together and support each other.

Some of our favorite events include Cinco de Mayo and Fourth of July parties, Mother’s Day brunch and volunteer-led summer workshops on jewelry making, parenting, ethnic cooking and more. The children have a blast at our back-to-school ice cream social, where they pick out new books and school supplies for the year.

Our volunteer music teacher led young students in a heartwarming song. The children sang: “People who make music together cannot be enemies. We are friends forever when we sing together.” The children don’t have all the fun though. At a potluck where adult students taught our staff and volunteers about Latin American cuisine, conversation and laughter blended with chopping and stirring in the kitchen.

Our families deserve to thrive. To make that happen, they need a safe, encouraging environment where they can build confidence and community. Our Family Enrichment Program deepens their learning through real-world experiences, while also supporting family and community togetherness.

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