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Community Partnerships

The Rosalie Rendu Center has been powerfully supported by several local organizations and non-profits that share in our vision and work to provide much needed services for English language learners in our community. The strong and expanding collaborative relationships that we have cultivated with other local organizations and individuals allow us to broaden the scope of the Center’s impact to improve the lives of our adult students and their families.

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An initial collaboration between the Daughters of Charity Foundation and the Junior League of Palo Alto∙Mid Peninsula allowed the Center to establish our presence in the community and to secure the facilities and volunteers needed to serve local Spanish speaking families at the Center.

Since then, numerous organizations and individuals have supported the Center financially, by assisting with facilities renovation, by creating and executing new programs and by raising awareness of our cause.

We always welcome new partnerships, especially from local organizations, schools and businesses that are looking to give back to their local community. We also invite organizations who would like to share and collaborate on providing direct services to our local community. Please contact us for more information on how your group can get involved.

Our Community Partners:


For more information please call (650) 473-9522 or email us.

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