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Volunteer Opportunities at Rosalie Rendu Center

“Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart.”
– Elizabeth Andrew

The Rosalie Rendu Center has been able to actualize its mission because of the generous individuals who regularly volunteer their time and expertise at the Center.

There are many volunteer opportunities available to serve the members of this appreciative East Palo Alto community.

An orientation is provided for all volunteers.

English as a Second Language (ESL) Classes

This is an ideal volunteer opportunity for individuals who have a passion for teaching others and are comfortable speaking in front of other adults. Day and evening times are available, and volunteers are welcome on a short or long term commitment. Volunteers do not need to be fluent in Spanish to teach these classes, though some Spanish knowledge is helpful.

Volunteer for ESL

Conversation Club

This is one of the most popular offerings at the Rosalie Rendu Center for both volunteers and students. Volunteers converse with students in a friendly environment. Day times are available, and volunteers are welcome on a short or long term commitment.

Volunteer for Conversation Club

Volunteer Story

Executive Coach George Clark Finds Volunteering at RRC An Enriching Experience

The Rosalie Rendu Center has many wonderful donors, volunteers and staff, one of whom is George Clark. George and his wife, Susan Williams-Clark, became involved with the Rosalie Rendu Center in 2000 when the RRC purchased Carriage Manor Apartments. They have both been donors since then. Recently George wanted to participate personally in volunteer work with an organization that works extensively with families.

Read the Story

Homework Club and Tutoring

Volunteers are regularly needed to support students (grades K-12) in a one-on-one setting after school on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. This opportunity is available only to adult volunteers.

No volunteer positions available

Special Projects

The Rosalie Rendu Center is continually innovating and creating new offerings for its students, and welcomes new ideas and volunteer expertise. Past special projects have included hosting a one-day activity or skill-based class like jewelry making, basic computer skills, financial planning and gardening. Please click the button below if you are interested in offering a special opportunity at the Center.

Volunteer for Special Projects

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